Ultra Green Leather Frag(*RARE*)

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Appearance Ultra lime green color with soft tentacles resembling a tree.
Care Level Easy
Lighting Moderate

These Lime green leathers are difficult to come by, aquacultured in manitoba with limited quantity. 

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Aprox 1.5-2"


Leather corals get their name from their leather like skin, which gives a nice contrast to the other corals found in reef aquariums. Their whole body expands and deflates as the lights come on and off during a daily cycle. They have unique shapes and contain many small tentacles. They are a “soft coral,” which means they require less alkalinity and calcium than SPS and LPS corals. Leathers prefer moderate lighting levels, medium waterflow and typically can be placed anywhere in your aquarium. They are a colonial species and spread outwards as new polyps grow. Leathers have symbiotic algae zooxanthellae that meets their nutritional requirement, but if lighting isn’t strong enough, they can be fed micro-plankton or Arcti-pods. They are not aggressive and can be placed near other non-aggressive corals.  Leather are ideal for experienced and beginner aquarists alike!


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