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It's hard to find better efficiency and value elsewhere than the Bubble-Magus line of protein skimmers. By utilizing materials of necessary robustness, and pumps of just the right efficiency, Bubble-Magus has created a quality product that doesn't ask more of your cash flow than it has to.

All of the features that a protein skimmer must have are included - right down to the colors required to make your system look clean & professional. And being the prolific manufacturer that they are, they have created a wide array of models for many different applications. You will be able to find a protein skimmer that meets your systems individual needs - no matter how uncommon your aquarium or system is.

Silent Air Intake - of course a noise reducing muffler has been included on the air intake.
Accurate Height Control - obtain extremely accurate water height settings via the geared outflow valve.
Small Footprint - internally mounted pump saves precious sump space.
Minimizes Turbulence - the curved body of the skimmer helps to minimize breaking of the foam head.
Drain Cup - extend your time away from the skimmer by collecting the skimmate in a separate container.
Stylish Design - stylish colors elevate the look of your sump compartment.

Power Draw: 8 Watts
Air Intake: 300L/H
Aquarium Capacity: 300 L | 80 Gallons
Dimensions: 18 cm x 12 cm x 44 cm | 7.08" x 4.72" x 17.3"

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