Welcome to Into the Blue! Canada’s newest Saltwater Ecosystem supplier.

Our mission is to revolutionize aquaculture by providing environmentally friendly alternatives to purchasing wild stock so you can create and enjoy your own beautiful saltwater ecosystem.

Lyndon & Derrick Jameson


It's a pleasure to deal with Lyndon, Derrick and Jenn - They take the time to answer your questions before you buy. Can't ask for a better fish store to deal with! 

Rick D

The best store to buy anything for this hobby by far!
If it wasn't for them, I would have given up on our tank a long time ago. We entered this hobby with no idea what we were to expect or what to look out for. We decided to buy some fish and walked into ITB and they had so much information for us and they were very supportive. I always walk in their store with questions and leave very satisfied.

Dennis Thomson

Very nice and helpful person, took the time to call other suppliers to find the right product for me. strongly recommend them

Pouria Jabari

Very professional and educated in Marine Biology and husbandry of reef animals. Fantastic service in a friendly "club feeling" shop environment

Jeffrey Walden

Love this place helped me start my tank and stock it. Service is great here.

Owen hack