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Aiptasia Eating Filefish
Into the Blue Aiptasia Eating Filefish
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Tuxedo Urchin
Into the Blue Tuxedo Urchin
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Adolfoi Cory Cat
Agassizi Cory Cat
Albino Aeneus Cory Cat
Albino Angelfish
Albino Cherry Barb
Albino Paradise Fish
Albino Tiger Barb
Assorted Cichlid
Bala Shark
Into the Blue Bala Shark
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Balloon Molly
Bi color Guppy MIX
Bitchir fish
Into the Blue Bitchir fish
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Black Angelfish
Black Band Cory Cat
Black Ghost Knifefish
Black Harlequin Rasbora
Black Molly
Into the Blue Black Molly
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Black Moor Goldfish
Black Neon Tetra
Black Oranda Goldfish
Black Sailfin Molly
Black Skirt Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
Blue AcaraBlue Acara
Into the Blue Blue Acara
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Blue Angelfish
Into the Blue Blue Angelfish
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Blue Blush Veil Angelfish
Blue Diamond Discus
Blue Gourami
Into the Blue Blue Gourami
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Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
Blue Oranda Goldfish
Blue Paradise Fish
Blue Peacock Cichlid
Blushing Angelfish
Bosemani RainbowsBosemani Rainbows
Botia Loach
Into the Blue Botia Loach
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Bronze Cory Cat
Buenos Aires Tetra
Bumble Bee Catfish
Bumblebee Cichlid
Bumblebee Platy
Bushy nose Pleco
Into the Blue Bushy nose Pleco
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Butterfly Betta Super Delta Tail
Calico Fantail Goldfish
Calico Oranda Goldfish
Calico Platy
Into the Blue Calico Platy
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Calico Ryukin Goldfish
Cardinal Tetra
Celestial Pearl Danio
Checkerboard Discus

Aquarium maintenance programs

Aquarium maintenance is a must for a healthy and beautiful looking tank. Don’ let it become an inconvenience, take your personal ocean to the next level by letting us take care of all the hassle. We offer personalized aquarium maintenance programs for both residential and commercial. We provide weekly, biweekly, or monthly service visits specifically tailored to you which also includes delivery of dry goods and livestock.

Custom aquarium design installations

Into the Blue offers custom aquarium consultation and design, installations, and aquarium moves. This can include aquarium, stands, livestock and maintenance.

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Our Mission

Into the Blue signifies a passion for education and sustainability. We believe providing environmentally friendly alternatives to purchasing wild stock in the hopes of helping our industry and revolutionizing aquaculture.

Our Suppliers

As part of our commitment to quality, Into the Blue fish undergo vigorous screening by qualified marine specialists to ensure only the healthiest species are delivered to our customers. Fish are treated in premium grade facilities for internal and external parasites, including flukes, lice, nematodes, cryptocaryon, brooklynella hostiles, velvet disease, hole in the head and more. This helps ensure the best success rate in your aquarium environments. Less stress on the fish, the environment, and on you!

It's a pleasure to deal with Lyndon, Derrick and Jenn

They take the time to answer your questions before you buy. Can't ask for a better fish store to deal with! 

Rick Demetrioff

Educated in Marine Biology and husbandry

Very professional and educated in Marine Biology and husbandry of reef animals. Fantastic service in a friendly "club feeling" shop environment.

Jeffrey Walden

The best store to buy anything for this hobby by far!

If it wasn't for them, I would have given up on our tank a long time ago. We entered this hobby with no idea what we were to expect or what to look out for. We decided to buy some fish and walked into ITB and they had so much information for us and they were very supportive. I always walk in their store with questions and leave very satisfied.

Dennis Thomson

Very nice and helpful person

Very nice and helpful person, took the time to call other suppliers to find the right product for me. strongly recommend them

Pouria Jabari