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Crystal Cal Granular Activated Carbon is guaranteed to clear up your cloudy aquarium water overnight. Made specifically for aquarium water filtration, our laboratory-grade activated carbon features a sub-bituminous coal base with optimum pore structure to remove colours, tannins, odours, medications and other common organic waste contaminants.

While most of the carbon sold for fish tanks is actually designed to treat air, Crystal Cal Granular Activated Carbon is washed and steam-activated to treat aquarium water, specifically. Unlike other common carbons or charcoals which can have high levels of contaminants that can leach into the water, our carbon has low levels of dust and impurity extractables.

Eliminates cloudy water in fresh, brackish and saltwater environments
Effectively removes colours, odours, tannins, and organic waste products
For use in all aquariums, tanks, and ponds
Guaranteed results overnight
Higher performance than lignite, bituminous or coconut shell carbons
Made according to Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) standards
Large granules allow for great flow in any filter media bag, cartridge or filter
Highly effective in reactors, canister filters, in-tank filters or hanging filters
High purity, phosphate-free production process
Mix with Bayoxide GFO Phosphate Reducer for added algae reduction

How to Eliminate Cloudy Aquarium Water and Remove Organic Contaminants
1. Recommended dose of 1 cup activated carbon per 50 gallons (1 tablespoon for every 3 gallons) to eliminate cloudy water and organic waste products.

2. Place in filter sock or reactor where media will be exposed to water flow.

3. Perform a gentle rinse to remove fines and dust before use.

4. Change every 2-4 weeks.

* Information as per the Manufacturer

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