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Size: 2-quart
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MarinePure is the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to flourish in order to remove harmful fish wastes. It will eliminate ammonia and lower nitrates.

Can be used in a variety of applications:
- Used in tank
- Used in sumps
- Used in canister filters
- Used in DIY filters
- Used in trickle or shower filters
- Used in waterfall filters
- Used in hang on back filters

Individual Sphere Dimensions: 1.5" | 3.8 cm

* Information above as per Manufacturer

Primarily designed to provide deep anaerobic zones for denitrification bacteria in passive systems.

Live rock substitute-popular among reef hobbyists as a substitute for live rock because it reduces nitrates more efficiently without harming the environment.

One MarinePure Sphere has the same surface area as 1,350 plastic 1.5" bio-balls.

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Into the Blue signifies a passion for education and sustainability. We believe providing environmentally friendly alternatives to purchasing wild stock in the hopes of helping our industry and revolutionizing aquaculture.

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As part of our commitment to quality, Into the Blue fish undergo vigorous screening by qualified marine specialists to ensure only the healthiest species are delivered to our customers. Fish are treated in premium grade facilities for internal and external parasites, including flukes, lice, nematodes, cryptocaryon, brooklynella hostiles, velvet disease, hole in the head and more. This helps ensure the best success rate in your aquarium environments. Less stress on the fish, the environment, and on you!