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MultiTest Copper
- Measures all types of copper to less than 0.01 mg/L
- Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same time
- Includes reference for test validation
- Marine or Freshwater

Copper kits are usually of two types: compleximetric or titration based. Some kits measure only ionic copper and others measure both ionic and chelated copper. This kit uses a highly sensitive catalytic compleximetric based procedure to measure all types of copper to less than 0.01 mg/L in marine or freshwater. MultiTest Copper performs over 75 tests and contains a reference sample for validation.

75 Tests
- MultiTest™: Copper performs over 75 tests
- And with the multi-cavity test plate, multiple tests can be run at the same time.

- Range: Measures between 0–0.80 mg/L copper
- Precision: Detectable changes on the color chart in 0.025mg/L & 0.0025 mg/L increments.

Reference Sample
It isn't necessary to run a reference test to use this kit; however, its proper performance can be validated by running a test in the normal manner except that the reference sample is used in place of the aquarium sample. You might choose to run a reference test if you have cause to believe the test is giving incorrect results.

Colour Chart
All MultiTest test kits come with an easy-to-read colour chart. It features a 5 cm viewing window to help isolate colour and match as closely as possible to the test sample

Opaque Multi-Cavity Test Plate
All MultiTest test kits are read from an opaque white test plate. The sliding colour chart along with the six-cavity test plate allows for easy reading and comparisons of several samples at the same time.

MultiTest Copper Kit Contents: 
- Copper Reagent 1
- Copper Reagent 2
- Copper Reference
- Stir Rod
- Sample Pipette
- Copper Color Chart
- Multi-Cavity Test Plate
- Instructions

KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! This kit is not a toy. Reagent #2 contains a strong base and is irritating. Reagents may be hazardous if used carelessly or contrary to instructions. If accidental spillage or contact occurs, wash exposed area with water. If eye entry occurs, rinse eyes immediately with water for 10 minutes and then seek medical attention.

* Information as per Manufacturer

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