Sunny D 4

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Name: Sunny D

Lit Under Ecotech Radions G4Pro


Zoas are one of the most colourful and popular corals in saltwater aquariums. A Zoa is a polyp that looks like a button and are often referred to as “heads.” They are a “soft coral,” which means they require less alkalinity and calcium than SPS and LPS corals. Zoas prefer moderate lighting levels, medium waterflow and typically do well being placed in the middle to the top of your aquarium. They are a colonial species and spread outwards as new polyps grow. They do have the potential to sting other corals, however, the sting is not strong. With its semi-aggressive temperament, give adequate space between corals. Zoas have symbiotic algae zooxanthellae that meets their nutritional requirement, but if lighting isn’t strong enough, they can be fed micro-plankton or Arcti-pods. Overall, they are an easy coral to maintain, multiply readily and an excellent choice for beginners!