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Hopefully you have plenty in your saltwater aquarium along with other creatures for your clean up crew! The favourites in the hobby are hermit crabs and snails where a common rule of thumb is one per gallon. It’s good to see a couple on every piece of rock. There’s also a variety of invertebrates you can use to do a bunch of cleaning for you like urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars, emerald crabs, fire shrimp, conchs, and many more. There is a variety in all of these, they will all have their pros and cons with where they like to...

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Pom Pom Crabs are an invertebrate like no other! These unique crabs keep a small anemone in each claw, which are used to ward off predators for protection. When they do this, they look like they're waving pom poms around. It's amusing to us, be can be scary to a potential threat. The crab will also use the anemones like mops on the substrate which will clean up detritus or leftover food. If one anemone dies, the crab will split one so it can have it's preferred one for each claw. The anemones they hold can bother sensitive corals and...

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