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Activated carbon and GFO are excellent for reducing nitrates, clearing the water, and removing chemicals and odors.  They can be simply put into media bags, placed in your sump and it will work, but it’s not the most efficient approach. This is where media reactors come into play because they force the aquarium’s water through the media several times a day. Reactors increase the effectiveness of the media, its lifespan, and makes the media more cost effective over time. A great media reactor option is Two Little Fishies Phosban reactors. They force the water upward through a dispersion plate evenly...

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Aragonite substrate provides a natural landscape for aesthetics and to benefit the marine life. It is a calcium carbonate mineral that is in sand form and will act as a reservoir for this element which is beneficial to marine life. It helps promotes a pH of 8.2-8.3 which is ideal for saltwater aquariums and at a more stable level without adding chemicals. It can also provide other essential elements that are needed for coral growth. The substrate will also play a role in your biological filtration in breaking down ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in your tank’s ecosystem. It can be...

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