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In the reef hobby there is no shortage of hitchhikers. Some mentioned in previous weeks can be beneficial like bristle worms and some are similar to a weed like aiptasia, which can takeover real estate in your tank. This week we’ll focus on flatworms.There are different types of hitchhiking flat worms, but one of the worst and most common ones is the Red Planaria. They’re about an 1/8 th of an inch in size, red or rust coloured, and may not be easily seen at first, but in a tank with a high nutrient load their numbers can easily get...

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Good morning customers we are extremely saddened to inform you that effective immediately we and all other retailers are no longer able to offer our customers medications for treating your aquariums for any illness or disease. The Anti-Microbial Bylaws officially prohibit any retail outlets to distribute medications (at least from our current supplier). This includes all Seachem medication we used to carry as well as any form of copper that Into the Blue had for sale. We are so sorry for the inconvenience this causes. Please see the bylaw attached below for clarification.

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