Dear Customers, Partner's and Valued Clients;

As the world is changing in response to the recent pandemic and in the face of new and ever changing realities, we will remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS to the extent that we can and have adopted the following measures:

  1. All customers who are sick, symptomatic, or have traveled abroad within the last 14 days are asked to self-quarantine and to please not shop at our store during this time.
  2. Take advantage of our Online-shopping where we now offer free delivery to your door within the city limits on all orders over $150.00.
  3. We are reducing our Retail Hours as follows: 
    Please see our Contact Us or Footer
  4. We will do our best to provide hygienic surfaces on our counters and point of sale machines by cleaning between customers. Staff and Customers are encouraged to practice social distancing and frequent hand-washing. Our Staff washroom is available for all customers who wish to wash their hands.
  5. While we love to socialize with our customers/friends, we encourage limiting your stay in the store for shopping and retail transactions only. This will help limit and reduce the possibility of disease transmission.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to calmer times.