Albino Paradise Fish

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Macropodus opercularis

Alternating White and Orange Stripes

Growth Size
4" | 10 cm

Minimum Tank Size
30 gal. | 114 L

Care Level

Omnivore; algae-based flake food, bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp.


    The Albino Paradise Fish is quite active and should be housed with larger fish of similar temperament, as it can be quite territorial of an area. Females are coloured more vividly, while males have longer fins. You will need a tightly fitted tank lid since they are good jumpers. The Gouramis are labyrinth fish, meaning they have poorly developed gills, and need easy access to the water surface so that they can breathe using their unique breathing organ, the labyrinthine. 

    *Sizes vary, please contact for details.

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