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Balantiocheilus melanopterus

Silver body with black and yellow on fins

Growth Size
1'2" | 35.5 cm

Minimum Tank Size
125 Gal. | 473 L

Care Level

Omnivore; quality flake food, pellets, bloodworms, tubifex, vegetables, and plankton.


The Bala shark is semi-aggressive, but one of the more passive freshwater sharks and as such does great in a community tank with similar temperament fish and in groups of at least 3 individuals. They prefer faster flowing water, good filtration, and a lid as they are strong jumpers. Balas are active swimmers and prefer long tanks where they spend most of their time swimming in the open water zone of your tank, but should have aquascaping with rocks, driftwood, and a few areas of dense planting. They will enjoy a flake or pellet diet, diversified with bloodworm, vegetables, and plankton. Shrimp is recommended as a  treat as they require extra protein for growth.

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