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Montipora corals are a small polyp stony (SPS) coral. They are a reef building coral with stony skeletons that have a high metabolism that can grow quickly as they branch out. Montiporas have a rough surface that grows out in a spiral fashion. They do require more care that the other coral types and generally not recommended for beginners. Montiporas require high levels of light, medium to strong water flow, and minimal phosphates and nitrates. Because they grow quickly as a skeletal structure, they also require more alkalinity, calcium and magnesium to build with, and dosing might be required. Keeping consistent water parameters is also important as they can be easily stressed. Depending on your lighting, they may need to be placed in the middle or near the top of the aquarium. They get most of their nutrition through photosynthesis, but can benefit by being fed zooplankton and Arcti-pods.

Lit Under Ecotech Radions G4Pro


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