Neon orange and blue Ricordea yuma

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Name: Neon orange and blue Ricordea yuma


Mushrooms get their name from their mushroom like shape, and typically grow to 2-4” in diameter. Their oral discs have small dimples that catch particulate foods from the water. They are a “soft coral,” which means they require less alkalinity and calcium than SPS and LPS corals. Mushrooms don’t need much light and can take up areas in your aquariums where other corals can’t. If you have a strong light, place them in the more shaded regions. If they are in heavy lighting, they can turn brown and struggle to flourish. They don’t need much current and can handle higher nitrate levels more than most other corals. They reproduce easily and will eventually cover areas where they are placed. They do have the potential to sting other corals, however, the sting is not strong. With its semi-aggressive temperament, give adequate space between corals. Overall, they are an easy coral to maintain, multiply readily and an excellent choice for beginners!

Lit Under Ecotech Radions G4Pro