Ich? Ick!!!

Have you ever seen small white spots on your fish? Chances are it’s ich. It is the most common disease in aquariums. The white spots can look like little grains of sand on the scales of a fish. Sometimes if it’s a hardy fish and the infection is light, the fish can fight it off. The more times a fish is exposed to it and beats the disease, the greater immunity it will develop, but it is something not to be taken lightly. Ich is the most common cause of fish death in the hobby, and is most likely to happen when the fish is stressed or in contact with another fish that is infected. Ich is a protozoan that lives in 24-hour cycles. So, it may look like the disease is gone, but is reappears in two days. The best approach to ich is through preventing it by helping your fish’s immune system with a healthy diet, stable temperatures and water parameters, not having them exposed to a stressful environment where a fish is being bullied, and introducing healthy fish. Into The Blue goes to every length possible to make sure that the fish are sold are as healthy as possible by buying from high quality suppliers, treating our water with medication, and if we do a have a sick fish, we quarantine till it’s healthy before selling.

If you do suspect that your fish does have ich, talk to an Into The Blue team member today about what you can do to treat it!


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