In this Reef Fact we will talk about the medium easy to keep corals, LPS.
LPS, or large polyp stony, have a skeletal base that grows. Many types of LPSs tend to branch out with heads where the tentacles come out like Frogspawn, Hammerheads, and Torches. There are also types like Fungias that are referred to as plate corals because their skeletal base is disc like with their tissue and tentacles pointing upwards. Most LPS corals require medium lighting and medium flow. They get most of their nutrition through photosynthesis, but can benefit by being fed zooplankton and Arcti-pods. They do absorb elements like calcium, magnesium and alkalinity, but in a lot of cases, the levels can be maintained with just regular water changes. One of the best features about LPS corals is the way that they flow! For more information about LPS corals, come to Into The Blue and talk to a team member today!

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