Just getting into corals? “Softies” are a great place to start!
Corals like zoas, leathers, mushrooms, green star polyps, etc. are known as softies because they do not use a skeletal structure like other coral types. They are typically suggested for people who are new to the hobby because they consume minimal elements, don’t require strong lighting or demand pristine water quality, and grow steadily and easy.  They also only require moderate flow and with a wavemaker they will flow and sway the water currents. Don’t let the ‘easy to keep’ notion sway you into thinking that they are only for beginners though! There are a wide variety of softies and colours. Zoas in particular have some of the strongest colour variations, which leads to a collage of different types of names. Check out our online store or come to 156 St. Anne’s Road to see our selection and start a bouquet of them at home!

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