Tangs are an awesome marine fish!
With their brilliant colours, active and sometimes quirky personality, they can be the showstopper in just about any tank. Most are fairly peaceful with other species and some are very effective with keeping hair algae out of sight. While tangs may not have fangs, they are called surgeonfish for a reason. On there body near the tailfin, there’s a razor-sharp spine that’s often referred to as a‘scalpel.’ These little spines are retractable and typically sit flush with their body, however, when threatened by a predator, the razor-sharp scalpels extend and are used as a defensive weapon with their muscular body. While this may sound threatening, the only precaution needed is to avoid handling them while placing them in the tank, especially the larger ones. They aren’t venomous, but should still be respected as they gracefully swim in and out of the rocks!

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