You may hear people talk about “R.O. water,”

In the saltwater aquarium hobby, you may hear people talk about “R.O. water,” but might not be sure why people use it. R.O. is short for reverse osmosis filtration and is used to top-off water that has evaporated from the tank, or for mixing new saltwater with. 


In the saltwater aquariums, we strive to have ideal water quality with proper filtration, but if you use water straight from the tap, you may end up fighting a losing battle. Water conditioner can detoxify the chlorine, but there’s much more in tap water that’s harmful to sensitive marine life. 


Water from our tap can contain pesticides, nitrates, phosphates, and heavy metals, which an RO unit will remove with crystal clear water. You can purchase RO water from our store, but we also sell RO units for home use as well. Having your own RO filter will save you from lugging water jugs, provide you with excellent drinking water, and save you money in the long run!!

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