Adding live brine shrimp to your marine aquarium isn’t monkeying around!

In the 1960’s and 70’s, “Sea-Monkeys” became popular because they were very easy to hatch and keep alive. They appealed to kids and adults because they came from simple and cheap kits that were marketed in comic books. The name came because their tails were supposed to be similar to a monkey’s. Those simple kits are still around today and are useful to marine aquarists. Brine shrimp can live in a wide variety of salinity concentrations and temperatures, and even lived on the moon! They can hatch and be fed to your tank in as little as 18 hours, but can also live for several months. Brine shrimp can grow up to one centimeter and are filter feeders. They provide additional nutrition to the regular prepared food that your fish normally eat, and are useful in weaning finicky eaters from live to frozen foods. In the wild, marine fish spend their days searching for live food similar to brine shrimp, so why not give them what will become their favourite treat!!


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