Looking for a hand in keeping your saltwater aquarium clean?
These guys love to work for food!

One of the benefits of having a saltwater aquarium is the large variety of cleanup crews that can do a lot of cleaning for you! Seahares and Lawnmower Blennies specialize in munching down on hair algae. Emerald crabs train in eating bubble algae. When your aragonite substrate starts to build-up with detritus, Sand-sifting Starfish, Watchman Gobies, Sea Cucumbers, and Nassarius Snails are great for keeping the sand clean while keeping it aerated. Pistol Shrimp are excellent at digging through every nook under a rock! Peppermint Shrimp have Master’s degrees in keeping aiptaisa at bay! There’s also too many of other creatures of the sea to list for general and specialized cleaning like hermit crabs, various snails, urchins, sea stars and so much more!

For more information on what clean up crew your aquarium should have, talk to an Into The Blue Team member today!
Clean up crew

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