Lionfish are an absolutely majestic fish!

They have long flowing fins and are excellent additions to a larger predator tank. They are also quite intelligent and bring lots of personality to a tank, however, caution is required.  They can eat whatever fits in their mouth, but also they have venomous spines. Avoid all handling and if you do get stung medical attention could be required as their venom is similar to but stronger than a bee sting. Another interesting fact about the Lionfish is that is has become an invasive species off the East Coast of the U.S. and is causing real impacts to the local reefs there. It is believed that the Lionfish got introduced to the area though the hobby. It may have happened though a hurricane that flooded a local fish store, or being flushed down a toilet by owners. 

This is a good reminder to not flush live aquatic life down our sewer systems as it is possible to add an invasive species to our local waters.

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