Seachem Prime is always good to have on hand regardless if you have fresh or saltwater tanks!
When adding water or doing a water change on a freshwater tank, Prime removes chlorine and chloramine from the water which is required for the health of the fish. If you have a saltwater tank, ideally you’re using reverse osmosis water as that process removes phosphates, heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramine, but it’s still good to always have Prime in aquarium supplies. Prime will also detoxify ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate when used at the 5X dose. An ammonia spike from a unexpected fish that just died can turn into a bad scenario for the rest of the livestock in the aquarium. Prime will give your biofiltration time to catch up to the spike in ecosystem and allow your fish to survive in what would otherwise be toxic conditions. It is also non-acidic, does not impact pH and will not cause your skimmer to overflow!

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