Want better control over your aquarium? Think about Apex!
Apex units by Neptune Systems are the Swiss Army knife for aquarists. They can do basic things like monitor your tank’s temperature, pH, ORP, and salinity, but that’s just the start! They can control the freshwater top-off, ozone generator, auto-feeding, LED dimming, calcium reactor, wave makers, heaters, return pump and much more from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer. They also have the capability to measure calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels, and dose them individually to maintain optimal levels. They can also be set up to do automated water changes so that you don’t have to touch a bucket again! If you’re not at home often or are on vacation, Apex can divert disasters and potentially save you your livestock and more. If the water level gets too high or low in the display tank or sump, an optical sensor will recognize it and turn off any related pumps. If water somehow still manages to escape your tank, leak detectors on the floor will sense it and take control of the situation and notify via email or phone. Apex is the cutting edge in aquarium technology, but if you’re not into gadgets, Into The Blue can setup and monitor the system for you!

If you want piece of mind with all of your tanks functions, talk to an Into The Blue team member today on why Apex systems are so awesome!
Neptune apex

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